TRICK OF FATE: Connell O'Keeffe & The Pencaer Legacy


It is 23rd February, 1797; the French have invaded Pembrokeshire, and the young and handsome actor, Connell O'Keeffe, is on his way home to Ireland from Haverfordwest. Unaware the enemy have invaded Pen Caer, he passes through Manorowen just in time to witness an event that is to change his life. Mistaken for one of the Irish Republican rebels who had invaded along with the French, a ruthless renegade inflicts on him a horrendous injury, severing his right arm. Forced on the run, O'Keeffe must endeavour to regain his honour, prove his innocence, and come to terms with his disability.

Genre: Romantic murder mystery

KIndle edition published April, 2012. Also available in paperback. ISBN 978-0-9572104-5-5  £7.95.


 "Trick of Fate was a page turner to say the least, a smooth narrative that was so easy and pleasurable to read consistently throughout. There are genuine twists and shocking moments that illicit a  gasp... There are equally effective moments of heartbreak, joy and a whole range of emotions.. . The beginning was completely compelling... this is a masterful  use of the first person narrative, using it for all its psychological and emotional resonance while balancing it out with plenty of dialogue and objective observation... Truly fearless and liberated writing. ..

"The characterisation in this novel is pretty flawless. A captivating read... a well-integrated fictional world where themes, characters, events and ideas are perfectly in harmony to create a well-rounded work. An excellent novel." Dean George ESTYN

"Watkins brings the chaos of battle off the page superbly and she's particularly good on the aftermath -- the randomness of treatment, the foul and degrading conditions and the occasional person who does their best to help at some risk to themselves. It's a very good, compelling story... I expected to enjoy the read and wasn't disappointed" **** Recommended. Sue Magee, The Bookbag. 

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