This is an omnibus edition of two historical thrillers about a young Irish actor, Connell O'Keeffe, who comes to Wales in 1797 to perform. On his way back to Ireland, however, he is taken prisoner as an Irish Republican, and faces being sentenced to death. 

          These two thrillers tell the story of the trials he must endure before finally finding happiness.



          It is February 23, 1797, and  O’Keeffe is on his way home after performing in Wales. Unaware the French have invaded the area, he is caught up in a situation that is to change his life forever, not only suffering a life-threatening injury, but being unjustly accused of murder and forced to become a fugitive as a result. O’Keeffe must now endeavor to regain his honor, prove his innocence, and come to terms with his disability. 


          “...a page turner to say the least, a smooth narrative that is pleasurable to read consistently throughout…. a masterful use of the first-person narrative… Truly fearless and liberated writing. The characterisation in this novel is virtually flawless. A captivating read. An excellent novel.”

Dean George ESTYN

          “…Watkins brings the chaos of battle off the page superbly, and she’s particularly good on the aftermath…” **** Recommended.

Sue Magee, The Bookbag.

                                                            DYFED ODYSSEY

          Now happily married, O’Keeffe runs a successful stud farm, but a crisis arises when one of his prize mares is kidnapped for ransom. O’Keeffe sets out to retrieve her, but when he kisses his wife goodbye that morning, neither of them is to know that it will be months of heartache and adversity before they are reunited.


          “…a dynamic, gripping and beautifully original adventure story enriched with a vibrant engagement of history that does not pander to romantic ideals…The plot is robust, sophisticated and wildly entertaining, with a memorable leading man who is a brilliantly crafted protagonist… a must read....”

Dean George ESTYN