This is the story of Theo, who was born in Dublin in 1752, came to Haverfordwest, Wales, in 1778, and fell in love with and married a gentlewoman, Elizabeth Edwardes. By marrying his beloved Elizabeth, Theo has to abandon his career as an actor, which hitherto formed an outlet for his high energy and talents, and, coming from the sophisticated city of Dublin, is at a loss  to know what to do in Haverfordwest,  which does not have a theater.

To him, satisfaction in life comes from achievement. His wife, however, fails to understand why he cannot be satisfied living a life of pleasurable  idleness like any other gentleman of means.
He is a favorite with the county's elite who appreciate his ready wit and humor. However, his quest for fulfillment leaves his genteel Elizabeth forever wondering what he will do next, and, given his high spirits and boundless energy, it is usually something to leave her bemused, aghast, or in fear for his life.

GENRE: Biographical historical novel
Kindle edition published April 18, 2012. Also available in paperback: ISBN 978-0-9572104-4-8. 

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 "Perhaps it was inevitable that I should have enjoyed this novel very much, since it's very well-written in itself and I have a long-standing interest in 18th and 19th century Haverfordwest and in the remarkable Potter family in particular. I was totally absorbed... genuine historical interest... absorbing relationship between Theo and Elizabeth..." 

Robert Nisbet 


"When I began reading I realized this book is very, very well written, and the story of Theo Potter is one that deserves to be told... Theo Potter flies off the page fully costumed. He's used to being in the limelight and he's personable  in a way that many actors are not. Skillful writing meant that we watched him mature over the course of the book, whilst we saw Elizabeth become more and more of a homebody. Even the 'bit players' have real, individual personalities. There's an obvious affection for the characters, but it's an honest telling of the story: I howled with laughter at the events of the masked ball and I cried over Theo's horse, Hercules - twice. There's a real sense of Haverfordwest too and best of all it comes from an author who knows her subject rather than someone who has done a lot of research to flesh it out.

"I read the book in two sittings and the time simply flew by. It's a genuinely engaging story with characters who stay in your mind when you've turned the final page." **** Recommended Sue Magee, The Bookbag.

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