Set in the last quarter of the 18th century, this is a novel about an Irish gentleman, Theo, who rebels against all he has been brought up to be, and becomes an actor with the famous Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin. It is a tale of adventure, love, tragedy and humor, and is a fictional prequel to Theo's life in Haverfordwest.

GENRE: Historical picaresque novel

Published in Kindle edition, April 6, 2012. Also in paperback. ISBN 978-0-9572104-7-9 

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"An 18th century 'gentleman player' fights, loves and charms his way through Ireland in Watkins'... delightful ode to the theater.

"John Theophilus Potter (“Theo” to his many friends and admirers) is blessed with exuberance, height, swordsmanship, and such good looks that noblewomen can’t help but try to seduce him. He also has a quality that proves to be both a blessing and an impediment: He’s a skilled actor, equally adept at performing dramatic roles (Hamlet, Romeo) and comedic ones (the drunkard Trinculo in The Tempest)...

"The novel's plot is as restless as its protagonist, resulting in a compelling narrative...

"A vivid historical envisioning, with insightful observations about playacting in everyday life, and memorable anecdotes about life in the theater. In particular several costuming mishaps inform several buoyant episodes.

"A spirited historical novel marked by humor, intrigue and entertainment."  "Kirkus Reviews" 

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