Engineer diver, Finn Westlake, accepts an invitation to the New England waterfront mansion of political wheeler-dealer Chester McGuire, after saving McGuire's life, and looks forward to a relaxing and romantic vacation in the company of McGuire's daughter, Diana. Instead, he makes a discovery that sweeps him into a life-threatening vortex of unscrupulous contractors, crooked politicians and small-time criminals.

GENRE: Thriller 

ISBN: 978-0-9572104-93



          Hurricane Justice was selected by the popular online review site, The Bookbag, as one of their "Top Ten Self-published Books of 2017."  

          "I'd planned to read this book over several days, but once I started reading, I finished it within twenty-four hours.  It's a cracker.  The characters reel you in to start with.  Diana McGuire's not looking for a relationship: she's just been badly let down and she's lost all confidence in her judgement of men.  Finn's good looking, brave and single, but he makes it clear to Diana that he's not looking to settle down.  He's not exactly a commitment phobic, he just seems to have a low boredom threshold where some things are concerned and that includes women.  Diana's simply fulfilling an offer made to Finn when he was in hospital.  The relationship grows steadily and it feels real.   The couple are an elegant contrast to the self-serving society which surrounds them and I was rooting for them. 

The plot's excellent and extremely well-paced.  I love a plot as many-layered as this one: there's real depth to it and it's utterly credible, and even when you get to the bottom of one problem there are more on the horizon.  It's obvious that Patricia Watkins has done her research well, but the plot wears it lightly and there's no sense that every bit of knowledge has been shoehorned in, regardless of whether or not it's appropriate.  Instead you get a sense of everything slotting together, of a story which has been carefully constructed.  I loved it and I'd like to thank the author for sending a copy to the Bookbag.  ***** Highly recommended.

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          "Patricia's new book will blow you away." The Western Telegraph, December 17, 2017.

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