Engineer diver, Finn Westlake, accepts an invitation to the New England waterfront mansion of political wheeler-dealer Chester McGuire, after saving McGuire's life, and looks forward to a relaxing and romantic vacation in the company of McGuire's daughter, Diana. Instead, he makes a discovery that sweeps him into a life-threatening vortex of unscrupulous contractors, crooked  politicians and small-time criminals.

GENRE; Romantic thriller 


Hurricane Justice was selected by the popular online review site, The Bookbag, as one of their "Top Ten Self-published Books of 2017." "A cracker of a thriller - I intended to read it over several days, but finished it in less than twenty-four hours.There's an excellent plot and characters you really root for. ***** Highly recommended.

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"The same site listed it in its 'Reviews of the Best New Books of 2017'" 

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"Patricia's new book will blow you away." The Western Telegraph, December 17, 2017.