Dyfed Oddssey: Connell O'Keeffe & The Spider's Web

The year is 1800, and in this second story about Connell O'Keeffe -- who now operates a stud farm in Pembrokeshire -- he wakes up one morning to find that one of his prized Arabian mares has been kidnapped, and is being held for ransom. When he sets off that morning to retrieve his horse, he does not know it will be an arduous four-month-long journey before he finally makes it back home.

Genre: Historical thriller

Kindle edition published June 2012. Also available in paperback. ISBN 978-0-9572104-6-2 £7.95

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"This is a dynamic, gripping and beautifully original adventure story enriched with a vibrant engagement of history that does not pander to romantic ideals.

"There is a cliche about diffIcult second albums, films, and novels, especially so when they are produced in sequence to the original, sequels in any genre of the narrative often being difficult prey for writers. It is, then, a great achievement for Patricia Watkins to have produced a sequel on a par with, ifnot even better than, the original -- TRICK OF FATE:  Connell O'Keeffe & the Pen Caer Legacy -- and sufficiently different in both content and style to be a unique experience. Here is a change of genre to a more plot-reliant adventure story that bases itself on the characters and world created in the first book, but does not hinge upon them. It is a story that is dynamic and powerful, with a plot that is robust, sophisticated and wildly entertaining, and a memorable leading man who is a brilliantly crafted protagonist for an adventure story such as this...

"Wonderfully complex and engaging, it will have you second guessing the next page and often finding yourself completely wrong --  a resonant piece of writing that draws the reader in for sure... A must read for any Dyfed native with a mind for history, and also anyone who appreciates a riveting and unique adventure laid on for them."

Dean George ESTYN


 "A masterpiece of plotting... much more than historical fiction -- it's a very satisfying thriller set in Dyfed at the end of the 18th century. **** Recommended. Sue Magee, The Bookbag. 

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